Brunettenatshoes is made by Saly Theedensy based on her big passion in fashion since she was a little girl, when she used to be a model. Brunettenatshoes is her dream, her diary, and herself. Her style leads to classic, vintage, casual, and rebel sometimes. She is the owner of Saly Theedensy company which struggling in the manufacturing of custom shoes. She also plans to make her own shoes's design for her next project and develop her passion in art and shoes things.

With this blog, she wants to say the world that fashion is free, no limit, and not always about labels, luxury things, or fancy things that you have.

Fashion is about your mood. Fashion is about your creativity. Fashion is about your ideas. Fashion is about your passion. Fashion is about you.

She hopes that Brunettenatshoes can inspire people and make them believe in themselves that they are beautiful, no matter who they are or what they wear.