Sunday, August 23, 2015

Jumpsuit time

Yeay, finally my lil sis come back home from Jakarta to Surabaya! Even just for a while but we had fun and i got best pictures taken by her haha. She knows me so well!

My little sister's name is Sharen. She is only 12 years old and i love all of her pictures she's captured. Maybe she has a talent of taking good pictures and i'm a little bit envy hahaha. Anyway, because about 3 years ago she had to follow my dad to Jakarta, so she went there to study and i still stay in Surabaya until now. She comes to Surabaya only when it's about holiday's month. ohh, i hope she could stay here longer :[

I went to the mall with her and my other sister wore this pretty jumpsuit. It is so comfy and pretty!

Jumpsuit - Ribbon Closet
Shoes - FLD
Bag - Chanel

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