Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cara's Beauty Look

How i love Cara!!! I love her rebel style, her funny attitude, her photo bomb in every pictures of her friends and other celebrities (LOL!), all of her photoshoots, her bold and don't-care look, and, of course, her makeup. I also love kind of smokey eyes like "focus on eye and eyebrow" makeup. It makes you look super sexy (especially when you are looking right at somebody's eyes, i'm sure he or she will feel like got electric shock haha!). It also makes your eyes popped, pretty and bold even if you don't do anything (that's what we want, right?).


The key to get a look like Cara are deep crease, bold mascara and eyebrow, and perfect contour. If you are asian, like me, you should add eyeliner (but just a thin line) especially at your waterline to make your eyes look bigger for the first step.

Second, deep crease is important to have an eye like Cara. Apply dark color of your eye shadow, like dark brown or black, and make a line with a thin brush from outer corner of your eye way through along the whole of your eye to accentuate your eye hole (or you can say, that place is at the below of your brow bone; right at the top of your eyeball) for a deep line illusion. After you make the line, blend the eye shadow with fluffy brush to make it look natural. I don't like using eyelid sticker to make deep line illusion and i don't suggest you to use it because besides you will rely on it every time you do your eye makeup, make you spoiled, and also it doesn't look natural either. Don't forget to apply dark shadow across the lower lash line, over the waterline too.

For me, i don't need more eye shadow because the dark color at my crease has covered all over my asian eye (how small my eye and how lucky you are who have big and deep eyes!). After that, you can add mascara or fake eyelashes for more dramatic look.

Next step is fuller eyebrows. Cara's eyebrows is phenomenal. Shape your eyebrow and try to find your perfect eyebrow's shape for your own because if you shape it wrong and not suitable with your face, you will look weird. For me, and thank God that i have full eyebrows, i only need eye shadow to line and fill in it perfectly. If you have thin eyebrows, better you use pencil to make a natural shape (don't be afraid make a big eyebrow like Cara. If you don't try it, you won't know it will suit you or not) then fill it with eye shadow.

Last is contour. Deep contour will make you look firm and bold for the whole look which support the eye that you have already made. Use brown color, add it from the below of your cheek bone to the center of your cheek. Try to do not add that much because if you so, you will look like a zombie. No need more blush on.

For the lips, it depends on your event. For me, i love when my lips look healthy and pretty in nude or baby pink because my eyes are already heavy. But in special occasion like party, i love to add dark berry or maroon color to look sexier. 

Sometimes, you need to try different type of make up that you have never tried before. It is fun to play with your face and makeup like this. You will see which one that suit you well in a different look :) good luck!

How i love Cara!!! <3

Photo source by Pinterest 

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