Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Work Work Work

This is my work style for today. I'm a lover of black, white and gold, but also lover of khaki color. It is warm and classic. Perfect for the hot days in my city, in my country you can say, lately. What is your work style? And what about my look? :)

When you have a formal meeting with bunch of people, of course you have to think more about your style. No need to do too much dressed up or make up, just being professional but still fashionable.
First, you can play with simple and basic color like i did; black, white, brown, but you can do with colors too; pastel colors (more girlie), bright like yellow, blue (you can try navy too make you look sophisticated), pink, or maroon (i don't suggest you to used neon or shocking pink and red colors because in my opinion it is too bright and people will get distracted and tend to look on the clothes, not you).
Second, you need to think about what to wear. You can play with blazers (there are sooo many kind of pretty and classy blazers like a blazer with shoulder pads, with cape, with many big buttons, and many more), top with pretty laces or ruffles (but still not too much), cotton pants (not jeans, of course), dresses (not too open in every part of our body or too short or too tight), not too much accessories (or they will think you are selling them all), and comfy shoes (i suggest flats or 5 centimeters heels). Don't forget to always style polite, neat, and professional.
Third, don't put too much make up. You are not going to carnival or halloween party, aren't you? Just put basic color eyeshadow, thin eyeliner, mascara, a little blush on your cheek, and don't forget pretty and healthy color for your lips. For your hair, no need to do something heavy for it, but just wash your hair so they will look clean and sweet-smelling, roll them up while you are makup-ing, release all the rolls after you finish all makeup thing, and voila!
So i'm sure that you will look great in front of them! But don't forget to always remember about confident because even your clothes are pretty and your face is beautiful, without confident and believe in yourself, it does matter for your whole look.
So, ready to try? Hope it could help you!

Btw, introduce my new puppy boy, Milo! He didn't want me to go to work and try to change my mind by his cutiepie face hahaha. He's so cute!

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