Monday, June 1, 2015

Khaki thingy

This is what i wear to work. Khaki colors and joger pants that famous lately. What a comfy look!

For these couple months, my city is becoming hotter. Sometimes i cannot stand it so i wear light fabric, short sleeves, or even sleeveless, even when i go to office. But to cover it so that it looks polite, i wear my sleeveless blazer.
My joger pants is also helping me not to sweat my legs because sometimes my usual pants are too tight and feels like my skin cannot breathe in these hottie days.
My jelly shoes are the best! I can still look taller because of the high wedges but also super comfy to complete my look.
So, how do i look? ;) 

Sleeveless blazer - Accent
Joger pants - Ribbon Closet
Bangle - Hermes CDC
Jelly Shoes - Crocs

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