Monday, June 29, 2015


No, i'm not in Brooklyn. It is about my new sweater that has Brooklyn word. It is so cute, pretty and i love it!

I have a story behind this sweater. Like every woman in this world, we always need something new like new shoes, new top, new pants, new hair color, new accessories, etc. Yeah i was acting like that at the department store a few months ago, or maybe every time i go there. hahaha
I saw this sweater at Magnolia in one of the mall in my city when i was going to hang out with one of my best friend. At first, it was just okay. I didn't even take to try it at the fitting room and i kept searching another clothes there. But the second time i went there, maybe about 2 weeks later after i came, i saw it and i have just realized that it's cute. So i took it, i tried it at the fitting room, and i love it! It fits me well! The cotton is so soft and flowy. Even when it's a hot day, i didn't get sweat or like i'm in the sauna. It helps me to cover my skin from the sun when it goes high in the middle of the day. What do you think? :)

Brooklyn sweater - Magnolia
Pink skirt - Unknown
Bangle - Hermes CDC
Shoes - FLD

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