Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Come Back

Hey, i'm back!
Super happy to finally blogging again. I had said that i wanted to do blogging for almost a year ago, but i have never done it because of many jobs and responsibility that i have to do. But from now on, i will never stop :)
How i miss blogging!

Many things happened in this past a year and half; i got a job that i love the most: vocal and piano teacher, i dyed my hair into ombre (I really love it! You can see it in my Instagram photos.), i cut my hair twice, and also got new friends, new clothes, new stories that i can share to you all. But let me tell you one by one hahaha.
At the first photo, you can see that i gained more weight. Yes! Not because of fat, but excercise. More muscle and tone. As you know me before that i used to be skinny and tall, now i look strong and fit, and i feel it too in my daily activities. I feel healthier, stronger, and on my way to get my Victoria's Secret sexy body! Nonsense that if you said to do excercises which make you look bigger and fatter; you will fatless and be changed by the muscle to make your body super gorgeous-sexy-strong and healthy ;) I promise that i will share to you my routine plan so you guys can follow it too. Are you ready to get your Victoria's Secret's body??

Place - Spazio
Tank top - Topshop
Jeans vest - Princess
Black jegging - Zara
Shoes - FLD 

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