Monday, February 25, 2013

Facing The Giant

For a month i didn't do blogging makes me feel like i'm from outside this world. How i miss blogging so much! So let me start it again.These days there are complicated times and days, problems and bad things happen which made my world upside down. Yeah, i think life is like a wheel; we can never always be in top above, sometimes we are in down below too.That's a life. We can't predict it and we should be ready to face it.

But in my story, maybe lots of people say that i'm in down below right now, but no, i'm not. This is the time to show the world and proof them who bad at me that i'm capable to stand on my own feet and i can't be underestimated. I'm a strong woman and no one can shoot me down because i won't fall anymore (Titanium is my inspiration song for now, i think :)).Whatever comes into my life doesn't stop me to rise up again and again because i always believe in God that He gives us problems to make us stronger than before to face the bigger things ahead. I also believe in myself that i can face it and i'm strong to through it all. I know that i'm going to the top this time, like another inspiration song of mine, "They start coming and I start rising, must be surprising, I'm just surmising. I win, thrive, soar, higher, higher, higher, more fire" Fly - Nicky Minaj & Rihanna. And another the lesson that i've got is what we give is what we get. If we give the best, we can get the best too. And also the opposite, if we give the worst, we definitely get the worst from others. Karma is still exist :)

Hope the storm will end soon. So i can feel the clear air outside and be the new me. Can't wait to show the world my fashion taste again and keep in touch with my lovely reader from around the world. Miss you all so much!


  1. love this pics! shorts <3