Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best of 2012

2012 is the year where i chose to do blogging for a very first time. We can say that i have been blogging for less than a half year. What a year! I want to thank you for all the readers who support me and my blog by giving you the review of the best and favourite articles in 2012. Here it is the top 5 most viewed and most commented by the readers that i took from the first blog at August 2012 until my last post at December 30th. Check it out!

This is the most viewed and commented article in 2012, The Black Swan. This is one of my favourite articles too. You can see the whole pictures in here

This is my favourite article and photos! Sweet Boyish

Well, you can see the whole articles by search box or pick one from the Blog Archive. Overall, it was a great year and i'm beyond grateful. Thanks again to all my readers who spending your time with me. Hope we'll spend many more years again together!
Happy New Year 2013!