Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This is the first time i went to the place that i've ever dreamed to be there! It called Pavilion at JW Mariott Hotel, Surabaya - Indonesia. Maybe i'm a lil' bit out of date (yes, i admit it!), but i was so excited to this place, especially to the pretty-vintage-classy place in my city. Wanna know more? Just scroll it down!

Hold on! Before you see a few of Pavilion's pictures that i have taken (for anyone who have never been in here too), let me tell you why i was there and what i wore. Me and my boyfriend, Steve, have invited to two of our best friends' birthday dinner, Cynthia and Ongky. It wasn't a coincidence to pick Pavilion for their event but me and cynthia who arranged it. Hahaha we've been dreaming about this place for months! I knew about the Pavilion only from my friend's story and internet. And what made me curious like crazy is because everyone who ever been there always said that "You will love it!" or "That place is pretty and has a lot of delicious food!". So now i know what it's like. I'm in love!

This is what i wore. I love my top! Especially, the back details. So beautiful! My aunt gave me this pretty top about another months ago. I don't know where she bought it, but it doesn't matter; i love it! And the back side makes me feel like i have a beautiful flowery wings haha

I paired it with navy blue high waist short. The colour is really navy blue actually, but maybe because of the yellow light then make it looks black. By the way, it looks like a skirt, right? I know you're not fooled haha. About the accessories, i paired it with red beads, gold little Herm├Ęs and red envelope clutch. 

Top - Unknown
Short - City Girl
Shoes - Saly Theedensy
Necklace - Sizhood
Envelope clutch - Ribbon Closet

Here it is! Maybe i didn't took many pictures last night (because i was enjoying my meal so much!), but hope you enjoy it as much as i do ;)

What a lovely treats! ♥♥♥

So, this is the birthday girl! Once again, happy born day pretty Cynthia! (11/26/2012)
Have a blast!!! ♥

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