Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nicholas Kirkwood Spring 2013

I have posted a few of Nicholas Kirkwood pre-spring 2013's pictures at my Instagram about another weeks ago. And now, i post it here for you so you can also see how beautiful they are. Check it out!

I'm not into Kirkwood like i do to Valentino (see my last post about Valentino at my blog archive), but for this spring 2013, he makes a lot of gorgeous and unique shoes more than like what he did at fall/winter 2012. Waves pattern is one of the inspiration for this season. He combines it with lots of bright colour also oh-my-God platforms and heels! Such a lovely!

For your information, i took these images from various sources.


  1. LOVE that middle shoe (black and white)! How different! Actually, all of these shoes are unique...

    1. They are! I'm so in love with all of these :D

  2. OMG fantastic shoes!So unique!