Monday, October 8, 2012

Finally, vacation!!

Readers, for your information, i am a teacher who work in almost everyday. Lack of vacation? Definitely! But i thank my God for these couple days that i could finally go.

I went to Tretes, East Java - Indonesia two days ago with my love, Steve, and 7 others to celebrate one of our best friend's birthday, Kevin. We stayed for a night at Finna Cottage, which is an awesome place to rest and refreshing. So green and spacious because there were huge golf fields in almost everywhere around the hotel and cottages. I really love the air and scenery. So cool ad beautiful! And i already took a lot of beautiful pictures to be shared with you too :)
About my outfit, i wore basic top from Lunamaya for HW, my favorite vintage high waist, sandals from Marie Claire, and Mulberry bag.
Now, let's check out the pictures and enjoy! 

The golf fields

The hotel's main building

The pool

My cottage :)

What the amazing days and place! I wish i could stay there forever haha


  1. you look super cute and your hair is gorgeous!:)
    xx Kate

  2. wow!!! it looks super beautiful! gorgeous property

    1. Yes indeed :D everything is beautiful right there!

  3. Hai, Indonesiaa?? Serunyaaa cottage nya <3

    1. Yup!! :)
      Seru banget, dear! Kalo holiday ni tempat recommend banget ;)

  4. Hi dear :) Just read your vacation post, I´m amazed of the Narure there, great photos!