Saturday, September 29, 2012

Greenday Friday

Thank God it's Friday! I always love that quote when the weekend's coming because i'm going off for a while from all of my jobs and take a rest by spending time together at weekend with my boo, Steve :D

Well, these pictures taken by my baby in the Friday morning, at his backyard. Hot? Definitely yes! But i got lots of amazing pics right there (and i've just realized that he is really good at it! I love all of his shots!). About the outfit, I wore my basic green army tank from Mango and hareem pants from one of the stores at the mall.

About the makeup, i did natural for this time, just a little bit  powder and eyeliner. I don't know why but i feel more comfortable on it. And i also have a secret about my look. Guess what? It is contact lens. I can't let it go. Really! Besides i will blind without it (my eyes are minus 3 x_x), it makes my eyes pop in a second ;)

This pretty wedges is from Everbest. Honestly, i've never worn this shoes since a few years ago, but how lucky i am, it still pretty. I really feel like a bad person because i only left it in the box. But no no, it's not gonna happen again :D

There was a funny story behind this photoshoot. Steve was having difficulties when he tried to take my picture and i couldn't get my best pose at the beginning because his dogs were always around me. Hahaha but then we let Hero "The white" and Zorro "The black puppy" 'posed' with me happily. I think they're just too shy to say that they want to be a fashion blogger too :D they're so adorable!

Basic army tank top - Mango
Hareem pants - Random shop
Wedges - Everbest
Watch - U.S. Diver


  1. Awwwwww Zorro is such a cutie. :)
    And great outfit, I like your pants.


    1. Yes, he is so cute x) ♥
      Thank you so much, pretty :)

  2. Hi Saly! This look is amazing, i love everything by Mango :) I could'nt anwer on ifb, but i follow you back on bloglovin:) Wait on my blog,
    Kisses, Alina

    Adrenalina Style blog
    Youtube Channel

  3. Love your outfit. Simple and stunning ^^

  4. love those pants!

    i hope you love my blog…it’s based in nyc –

    x Vittoria

  5. Honey, those contacts are no secret.... lol

    1. Lol just an information for those who have little eyes and have difficulties to make them eyes pop and look bigger :D