Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pretty Valentino

From all of shoes in the world, these Valentino are the only shoes i really love. It's true! I've loved this Valentino rockstud since a year ago. It really steals my  heart! Especially the red one. I promise i will get this shoes someday :)

This one is the latest Valentino rockstud slingback which launched in this year. Available in black, khaki and red. So beautiful! I'm so in love! ♥♥♥
So lucky that there's a Valentino store in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta -Indonesia. But if you're not in Jakarta (like me, i'm in Surabaya) you can but it online.

FYI, i took these pictures from


  1. I agree about the red ones but wouldn't say no if someone offered me a different pair....

  2. Lovely post, love your picks and the shoes are great.